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pots packaging transportation

Packaging and Shipping of our products in Greece and abroad.

Our workshop does not focus only in the construction of high quality and aesthetics Cretan pottery but also gives particular attention to the packaging and shipping of our products.

Our products placed on pallets one above the other, separated by paperboard packaging.

Then we wrap them all together with a transparent membrane.

Finally products and pallets are tied together with plastic straps that are secured with hoops.

The loading of pallets ιn the truck or container is performed by our staff with extreme caution, that suits to our products, such that transfer be done without problems.

For the above procedure Minoan Pottery has developed special techniques to:

  • Saving 20 to 30% space during packing and loading, compared to conventional methods, therefore a lower cost of transport
  • Ensures with the best possible manner the integrity of products
  • Can accurately inform its customers for the space occupied by ceramics, and therefore the cost of transportation